Happy Mother's Day!

Parenting Blog

May 18, 2015

I meet a lot of amazing mothers. They impress me with their competence in general as well as their willingness to learn and grow in order to benefit their children. This willingness requires both an open mind and heart as well as acceptance that there is always more to learn. In other words, a mature attitude. Mother's Day is Sunday and it is my tradition to highlight one mother each year. This year, the mother that comes to mind has demonstrated her ability to meet what comes with fortitude and grace. Her children can be children and express their emotions while she guides them to right action. She knows when to stand up on their behalf and when to let things go, modeling courage and discernment. Although job demands likely tug her in the morning, she is present to her child at that time, never rushed. She is generous in sharing her time and resources. Teachers who find their favorite tea or a beautifully illustrated book on their desk often identify her as the gift fairy. Like the anonymous gifting suggests, this woman is modest. We would like to acknowledge her for her steadfastness, her generosity and humility (which is the door to learning). Many thanks to her and to all the amazing mothers who work cooperatively with us to strengthen the children and our community.

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