Our Staff

We attract staff who appreciate our model and enjoy working with young children. Our teachers have been approved by a stringent process overseen by our licensor, New York State’s Office of Child and Family Services. Due to The Rose Garden’s quality standards and unique model, our staff development exceeds the mandated 30 hours every two years. In addition to the qualifications outlined by our licensor, we are a LifeWays representative site and so our lead teachers are required to engage in a comprehensive LifeWays teacher training. Personal development is an important part of the ongoing work of teachers at the Rose Garden. Children learn through imitation, therefore our staff strives to present a worthy picture of humanity for the child to imitate.


Teacher Cait

Administrative Assistant

Teacher Cait (she/they) is a proud Buffalo native and she has a passion for all aspects of the service industry, animals, and social justice. Other interests include unicorns, cured meats, and board/ttrpg games. She would love to bake you a vegan cheesecake sometime. We are so happy to have her join our community and help us flourish!


Teacher Dasha

Cook & Worker-owner

Teacher Dasha (she/her) grew up in the city of Buffalo. She attended the city Waldorf School start-up, The Beautiful River Waldorf School, and, after its closing, The Aurora Waldorf School. Teacher Dasha leads our nutrition program and ensures that our community eats wholesome, healthy foods that nourish the heart, the body, and the soul. She emphasizes what a gift it is to work in an environment where people are learning and practicing such a beautiful way of being, and where her two young children can do the same as well.

The approach to food at The Rose Garden consciously meets the needs of the young child, while honoring the whole being. In training for this work, staff are reminded of the importance of acting with consciousness, taking time with words and movements, and really slowing down so that a moment of connection with a child can be given the full weight it deserves.

Dasha was pleased to discover this attitude of reverence could exist in the kitchen as well, and she puts this principle into practice in a few simple ways. She brings a joyful heart to each meal. She keeps the kitchen clean and beautiful so that the food may reflect these qualities. She embodies for the children equal importance of creation and clean-up. She is certain that by choosing to act with love and respect during preparation, serving, eating, and clean-up, this boosts the quality of the food and in turn the health of our bodies.


Teacher Mary

Dandelion Teacher

Teacher Mary (she/her) brings her calm, peaceful demeanor to the classroom as well as her wisdom. Mary lives in Buffalo, NY, recently moving from Canada. She enjoys people watching and being by the water. Her dream is for every child to know that they’re loved by someone and cared for.


Teacher Rebecca

Rosebud Teacher

Teacher Rebecca (she/her) was born in Buffalo, NY and has an extensive background in child care and dance. Her upbeat, positive attitude is a ray of sunlight to us all! She enjoys doing yoga, hiking, hula hoop and seeing live music. Her dream is to work every day to make the world a better place (and also become a beekeeper).


Teacher Shea

Director & Worker-owner

Teacher Shea (she/they) was born and raised in Buffalo, NY (with several years in Burlington, Vermont for college). Shea has worked for the Jewish Community Center, Child & Family Services, Elmwood Franklin Schools, and The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Northtowns. Shea is also a recent graduate of Cooperation Buffalo’s Cooperative Academy, and has over 15 years of experience with cooperatives as a participant and board member. She has a passion for social justice, mycology, enjoys hiking, and board/ttrpg games. There is a very good chance that you may find her in a tutu with one of her six nieces or nephews. Shea is actively living her dream of being a part of a cooperative childcare center, and is grateful to have found a home at The Rose Garden.


Teacher Sol

Dandelion Teacher

Teacher Sol (she/her) was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, not too far from The Rose Garden. Her grounded nature is a wonderful addition to our Dandelion classroom. She enjoys lounging in the sunshine, going to the co-op, and birds. Her dream is to one day be an old lady with a flourishing flower garden.


Teacher Theresa

Early Childhood Consultant & Worker-owner

Teacher Theresa (she/her) has had a long career in childcare and theater! She is from Buffalo, NY where she has been both a company member and teacher at TOY (Theatre of Youth). Ultimately she became their theatre/school co-ordinator. She has toured city and suburban schools for TOY and for the Western New York Institute for Arts and Education. Theresa lived in California for a time, where she returned to school for early childhood studies. In California, she taught and then directed at the same center for 17 years. Now back in Buffalo with her husband Jeff, she lives on the West Side helping to revitalize the neighborhood. Teacher Theresa has been healing after an illness and has returned to The Rose Garden as an Early Childhood Consultant. We are grateful for her presence, her wisdom, and her company.

Would you like to join our team?

Would you like to join our team?

Please fill out the below application. On the last page please write a brief autobiography focusing on how you came to want to work with young children, what you like to do in your spare time, and what you hope to pursue in the future. The completed application can be emailed to hello@therosegarden.us.

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