Merry in May

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May 14, 2017

Merry in May

Some years, you find yourself moving through the motions of a holiday or festival in a kind of autopilot mode, enjoying the comfort of the familiarity of the rituals. Other years you find yourself needing to get creative at every turn, thankful to be moored by the repetition of tradition!


This Mayday we were called upon to change the location of our puppet show and to endure a chilly rainy spring day -- the first in many years on a Rose Garden Mayday. It is a testament to the resolve of the Rose Garden community to carry joy into every situation that the morning moved along so seamlessly and jovially.


Rose Garden children of varied ages were in awe of the puppet show as they watched Teacher Jess manipulate Jack up and down the bean stalk, Teacher Lisa play both the caring mother and the terrible giant, and listened to Teacher Josh tell the tale while playing a variety of instruments. What a gift it is in this day and age to be able to sit back and take in the slow gestures of handmade wool puppets, the soft silk and wooden scenery, and the unhurried pace of an in-person storyteller. From the back row I noticed the breath of the children as a whole slow and become steady as they sat, transfixed. Each wore a felt flower crown, handmade by Teacher Heather.

Afterwards, children processed down the hall, past their parents patiently waiting, and outside to the maypole. We gathered around the pole decorated in festively colored ribbons and listened to an enthusiastic greeting from our Director, Stephanie. We heard a heartfelt thank you from Judy, the Rose Garden Founder. I’m sure I speak for everyone she’s touched when I say thank you for creating and sustaining the beautiful and deeply nurturing place that is the Rose Garden. Good luck in your next pursuits and please visit often!


Finally, we proceeded to make our way ‘round the pole: first toddlers, then preschoolers. The ribbons wound up and back down, up and back down, until all children had walked while we sang:


Good morning lords and ladies,

It is the month of May,

We hope you like our singing,

It is so bright and gay,

Oh, the merry month of May,

Oh, the merry month of May!


The cuckoo sings in April,

The cuckoo sings in May,

The cuckoo sings in June,

In July she flies away,

Oh, the merry month of May,

Oh, the merry month of May!


Though chilly it may have been, the warmth of our community coming together was felt on this especially moving Mayday.


Happy May!

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