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April 15, 2015

We live in community where personal choices have a ripple effect. In making decisions, we need to consider both the personal and social ramifications of them. Will this serve ourselves and the greater society we live in? Since we are unique individuals, our choices will not all be the same but the best choices will take into account our relatedness as well as our individuality. Both self development and child education are personal choices that have social impact. I remember learning in anthroposophic foundation studies that we engage in personal development so that we can better serve others; although it involves self-awareness and knowledge, it is not self absorbed but is for a greater purpose. Health care decisions are also personal and social. Communicable diseases are transferred from one person to another. Immunizations and diseases affect our personal bodies as well as others with whom we share exposure to disease. If we live in an insulated community like the Amish, we might be able to contain an outbreak of disease and not spread it outside our group. However, most of us live in a porous and mobile society in which the ripple effect of our choices is widespread. We may want to allow our children to experience the immune strengthening effects of disease, in order to build a strong body, capable of serving society in some way in the future. Are we prepared to quarantine ourselves during a time of sickness so we don't spread disease to others who may be vulnerable and cannot be immunized? Can we take the time off of work to tend to a sick child at home? It takes a willingness to do both, take care of our sickness and protect others from catching it. We must make our own choices with awareness of their social implications. We are here to grow healthy and whole in order to serve humanity. How we become healthy and how we serve are our choices.

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