The Rose Garden is closing its doors

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March 11, 2024

Dear Parents and Staff of The Rose Garden,

It is with great sadness that I'm writing to inform you that the Rose Garden will be permanently closing our doors at the end of the day this Friday, March 8. 

As you all know, The Rose Garden has struggled since the beginning of the pandemic, suffering closures, financial instability, staff turnover, illnesses, and changes in directorship of the center. We anticipated additional funding sources that were unfortunately unable to materialize, which have made it impossible to continue operation past this week.

I am shocked by this turn of events, and am so sorry for putting your family in this difficult position, likely affecting both your work and home life and causing a scramble for new childcare arrangements.

Watching your children play, learn, and grow, has been a joy and privilege. Working under the title of "Cook Dasha" for the past twelve years has been such a valuable opportunity and true gift in my life.

Please take the opportunity to connect with each other and the Teachers about possible contacts to alternative childcare arrangements. I know some of our dear Teachers also babysit or nanny, and some of our families have experience with other local childcare centers and may be able to give informed opinions about what is currently available. The Child Care Resource Network also can provide assistance in finding daycare via their website.

With great love and care for each of you,

Interested in enrolling your child at The Rose Garden?

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