Rhythms and Slippers

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January 4, 2017

Rhythms and Slippers

Rhythms and Slippers

We were closed for over a week for the holidays and when I walked through the rooms yesterday to greet everyone, I observed how the children were playing. I saw them actively engaged as if they hadn’t missed a day or a beat as they say. Both toddlers and preschoolers were applying their will forces in playing with their toys and their friends.

The rhythms or the pulse of their day welcomed them back to the Rose Garden and to themselves. They slipped into the activity of the day which is creative free play, like a pair of warm and comfortable slippers. That level of comfort flowed into the next activity which was painting for preschoolers and snack for toddlers. That’s the beauty of rhythms, when they are familiar, they provide security. Feeling secure brings out the best in the children; it is the basic ingredient for growth and learning.

Think of it. All living things have a rhythm or pulse. Without it, there is no life. Without a doubt, children are full of life! They need to be active, to express their life force, and know the comfort of rhythms so they can stand secure in the world and in themselves.

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