Celebration of the Light and the Child

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December 30, 2016

Celebration of the Light and the Child

"Entering the room where a newborn baby lies is like entering a serene temple. A delicate fragrance fills the air, and the whole room feels bathed in a sense of peace that inspires our reverence and awe. In the presence of this mystery of new life, we may ponder the question: From where do these fresh, vitalizing forces come that radiate through the infant and through every young child in the earliest years of life?"

These words are written by Joyce Gallardo in the opening of the article, "Tending and Cherishing the Living Spiritual Forces in Childhood" and are published in the Gateways book, A Warm and Gentle Welcome: Nurturing Children from Birth to Age Three.

Images of the infant evoke wonder and awe. During the deep winter, in the Christian tradition, there is a celebration of the return of the Light in the form of a child. The infant is born in humble circumstances but is no less majestic for them. The infant brings us hope. The infant brings us something new, something not yet known and we celebrate it!

How can we create a womb in our souls to receive the Light? Find a way to prepare yourself. Look to whatever tradition appeals to you and practice it. In the time of darkness, you can experience the Light. It will bring you hope and joy. When you have found the Light, you can bring it out into the world so others can bask in the glow.

Picture the infant and what they call out of us: a sense of quiet, a sense of mystery, a profound feeling of Love. Let it grow in you. 


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