Patience, Hope, Love and Joy

Parenting Blog

December 8, 2015

This is a time of anticipation; deep in the earth, in buds on trees and in the human soul, we await rebirth. Nature is taking a winter's nap, all is quiet and gray with no signs of life, just waiting. We bring bright lights, activity and joyful song into our homes and public places. What is happening? We decorate during this time of darkness to remind us that the light will return. While most plants are dormant, evergreens show that new life will come again. It is a time of contraction and going inward; we expand by giving, connecting with others and the spirit of generosity. Along with the outward gestures of the season, the inward goal is to cultivate patience, hope, love and joy in the human soul. While winter's womb holds us, we gestate these soul qualities, goodness grows and we celebrate the return of the light. Happy Holidays!

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