Phase II-September is coming.

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August 21, 2020

As we end our Summer session, I am feeling so much gratitude. We have welcomed back many families and students as well as met many wonderful new families and children. We look forward to seeing those who will return in September. This pandemic really showed us the beauty of this model of education. Although the children had not seen each other in over 3 months they picked up right where we left off. Hugged immediately and rekindled friendships without a second thought with the rhythm of the day still deep inside them. It really has been beautiful. 

We will continue pick-up and drop-off at the side gate as long as the weather allows. Upon entering the back gate area, contact-free temperature will be taken.

 The temperature threshold is still 99 degrees. Anyone with a temperature over 99 degrees will be sent home.   The Rose Garden will be unable to care for sick children.

  The Rose Garden will be closed for Labor Day on Monday, September 7th, 2020.

  • When we return on September 8th morning drop-off will begin at 7:45 a.m. for early drop-off and 8 a.m. for opening.
  •   Half day pick up will be at 12 noon.
  • As you arrive, please be sure that parents and children leave drop- off area before the next family enters. Remember arrival will take more time.
  • The Rose Garden will close at 4:30 p.m. sharp. If you could arrive a little earlier that would be helpful as staff will need to sanitize and clean daily.
  •  We are unable to begin an extended day program at this time.

Just to re-enforce some of our guidelines:

  • Staff will be required to wear masks all day and gloves when needed. According to OCFS children will not be required to wear masks while on school grounds.
  • Staff will remain physically distant from parents during the sign-in process and give out air hugs as you arrive.
  • Parents are asked to sign their children in using their own pen. If you forget your pen, we certainly have one for you to use, these pens will be sanitized daily.
  • Please remember that only staff and children are allowed on school grounds.
    Hand sanitizer will be available for parents and children to use.
  • Once good-byes have been said, Children will wash their hands with soap and water then be brought to the yard to play.
  • Until notified, children will be in groups no larger than 15 children at a time.
  • Most activities will take place outside.

To avoid any cross-contamination:

  • Until further notice:
    No home toys or personal items will be allowed.
  • All sleeping items will remain at the Rose Garden. This includes sleeping buddies.
  • All sheets will be laundered at school.
  • All water bottles will remain at school and be washed in the school’s dishwasher or be sanitized in the sink using soap, bleach, and water.
  • Food from home will no longer be allowed.

Be sure to have appropriate weather clothes at school as well. We ask for rain gear, a warmer jacket, and 2 full changes of clothing.

Here's to a Happy and Healthy Autumn!

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